This is an ancient massage style from the Far-East. The fundamental purpose of the Thai massage is to ensure free energyflow within the body by stretching and pressing the muscles and by moving the body into different positions.


- Traditional Thai Massage
- Thai Foot Massage
- Oil Massage



The massage is done in comfortable clothes, lying or sitting on a firm mattress on the floor.
The masseuse uses not only her fingers but also her hands, elbows, knees and feet.
The efficiency of the therapy can be increased by „expanding” particular bodyparts.
The recommended lenght of massage is one hour but at other places 90- or 120-minute massages are also available.

The effects of the Thai Massage
The Thai massage has relaxing and stimulating effects at the same time. The massage , which is directed towards determined points of the body, helps the recipient to relax completely. It relieves stress and pain . First of all you will feel fresher, more active and balanced.

What is it recommended for?
- sitting job
- lack of excercise in life
- rheumatic and articular complaints
- stressful lifestyle
- sleeping problems
- vigorous sport activity
- manual labor
- general and preventive treatment

It is not recommended in case of:
- problems with the lymphatic system
- high blood pressure or any heart problems
- osteoporosis
- serious varicose veins
- epilepsy
- pregnancy
- injuries and skin problems
- implants /knee, hip/
- fractures