The Thai massage is a „dry massage” style which is done in comfortable clothes on a firm mattress on the floor, without using oils.
The masseuse uses not only her hands but also her elbows and knees.
Because of the acupressure and deep stretching, you will feel your body and soul refreshed and reborn at the end of the massage.


The ground of this massage is that each of our internal organ is connected to a particular point of our feet.
Contrary to its name , at the end of this massage - which is done in a comfortable armchair –
not only your feet, but also your back, neck, head are moved.
In order to reach the perfect result, the masseuse uses a stick to stimulate the reflex points
on the feet.

This massage is not so intensive but efficient as traditional massage. It extremely calms nerves, increases the circulation and refreshes muscles. Oils start to display their effects inside the body so it is recommended to have a shower a few hours later.